Antoni Muntadas
For A Project Methodology
On Paper

Format: Risograph print
Dimension: 11,6x17,2 cm
Pages: 60
Images: 18
ISBN: 978-88-906308-3-5
Published: November 2013
Languages: Italian and English
English translations: Giuliana Racco
Copy editing: Antonio Cataldo
Editorial coordination: Ana María Bresciani, Enrica Cavarzan

Monos#4 On Paper
Antoni Muntadas
For A Project Methodology

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Unraveling the accuracy that has always characterized his projects, Antoni Muntadas proposes a noteworthy instrument by tracing the steps that from an idea lead to an artistic practice. Distant from formulaic thought, the lesson hereby developed gives emphasis to the specificity of the method as an end turn in one’s own path of making.

Antoni Muntadas’s extensive artistic production began in the Seventies when he left his native Barcelona for New York. Through photographs, videos, multimedia installations, urban interventions, publications and online projects, Muntadas speaks of the invisible mechanisms informing the production and reception of the narratives created by the mass media. Decoding the meanings and interpretations of multimedia language and the ensuing subjective and objective images, he analyzes the consumption of information and the processes through which power, propaganda and profit are mediated and manipulated. Since 1990, he has been a professor within the Visual Arts program at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts and has taught at Iuav University of Venice since 2004.

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