Monos #1 Marco Bertozzi  Archive Cinegraphs

Marco Bertozzi
Archive Cinegraphs

Format: pdf
Dimension: 512 x 768 px
Pages: 44
Images: 8 coloured
ISBN (En): 978-88-906308-2-8
ISBN (It): 978-88-906308-0-4
Published: October 2011
English Translations: Giuliana Racco
Editors: Ana María Bresciani, Enrica Cavarzan

Monos #1
Marco Bertozzi
Archive Cinegraphs

The use of archive material within cinematographic and artistic practices and its relation to the historical present is a crucial contemporary question. But what are its misinterpretations, risks and promises? In this introductory lesson, ethics and philology come together to analyze the “madness” behind this passion.

Marco Bertozzi is a documentarist and professor of documentary and experimental film history at the IUAV University of Venice. He has published numerous studies on documentary cinema and its relationship with architecture and the city, including Storia del documentario italiano (History of Italian Documentary, Marsilio, 2008), L’immaginario urbano nel cinema delle origini. La veduta Lumière (Urban Imagery in Early Cinema: The Lumière View, CLUEB, 2001), L’occhio e la pietra. Il cinema, una cultura urbana (The Eye and the Stone: Cinema, an Urban Culture, Lindau, 2004). His most critically acclaimed films are Predappio in Luce (2008), Il senso degli altri (2007) and Rimini Lampedusa Italia (2004).